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YCharts Professional Platform

"Users get a comprehensive research platform of all U.S. and Canadian equities, with 4,500 calculations for each company. They can run comparisons through equations and analysis built into the system or via the Excel Plugin.” 
@Shawn Carpenter, CEO, YCharts in RIABiz

How is YCharts Used?

"Advisors are screening using multiple criteria, and they can add any of 4,500 different financial elements on any stock for evaluation. Others are looking for shifts in economic data." 
@Bob Veres in Inside Information

“…Bender uses YCharts Inc., whom aims to be a data service on financial indicators and equities, only all online, more customizable — and cheap enough to capture the attention of advisors…the tool has been incredibly useful to him in developing allocations for different strategies, particularly when it comes to equities, and with individual securities and some macro-variables.”
RIABiz writes about YCharts Customer Alex Bender, PlanStrong Investment Management

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