Former hedge fund analyst, banker and Morningstar Market Strategist Erik Kobayashi-Solomon takes a look into the most and least attractive US sectors and industries.

The report showcases:

  • The relative valuation of all US sectors
  • The most and least attractive industries in the most over- and under-valued sectors
  • Notable stocks in the most attractive and least attractive sectors and industries

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Insights from Director of Research: Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

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About Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

Erik Kobayashi-Solomon has worked in the financial services industry since 1997 in a variety sell- and buy-side roles in Asia and the United States.

Before joining YCharts as the Director of Research, he served as a buy-side analyst covering Japanese equities, the market risk manager of an $800 million global long-short hedge fund, Morningstar’s Market Strategist and co-editor of the Morningstar OptionInvestor newsletter, the senior analyst supervising a team of semiconductor industry analysts, a senior manager at Morgan Stanley, and as a valuation consultant to the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

About the 10% Sector Report:

The YCharts 10% Sector Reports are meant to give investors a high-level view of sectors and industries that are particularly over- or under-valued according to the proprietary YCharts Value Score quantitative model.

The heat maps displayed on each of the pages uses the size of the boxes to represent the aggregate market capitalization of each of the sectors or industries. The color represents the degree of over- or under-valuation, with more and more over-valued groups in deeper shades of red and more and more under-valued groups in deeper shades of green. We also display the raw data that drive box size and shading in tabular format for those interested in the specific numbers.

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