Former hedge fund analyst, banker and Morningstar Market Strategist Erik Kobayashi-Solomon covers Dow Chemical (DOW).

In addition to a fundamentally-oriented, data-driven valuation range estimate, the report goes into detail regarding:

  • Whether a famous hedge fund manager is correct in saying Dow should split up.
  • The one potential ace in the hole that may (finally) propel more robust growth in Dow's revenues and cash flows.
  • How much good Dow's $15.5 billion acquisition of Rohm & Haas did for owners of the stock.

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    About Erik Kobayashi-Solomon

    Erik Kobayashi-Solomon has worked in the financial services industry since 1997 in a variety sell- and buy-side roles in Asia and the United States.

    Before joining YCharts as the Director of Research, he served as a buy-side analyst covering Japanese equities, the market risk manager of an $800 million global long-short hedge fund, Morningstar’s Market Strategist and co-editor of the Morningstar OptionInvestor newsletter, the senior analyst supervising a team of semiconductor industry analysts, a senior manager at Morgan Stanley, and as a valuation consultant to the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation.

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